A cup of Turkish coffee remembered for 40 years

Turkish coffee is definitely one of the first flavours of Turkish culture that comes to mind. With its heavenly smell and taste, Turkish coffee is said to be remembered for 40 years and is known as a symbol of hospitality from the Ottoman Empire to the present day.  

Have you heard of the relationship between coffee and democracy? This fascinating story was featured in the famous “Cosmos” documentary series.   Coffee was brought to Istanbul by the governor of Yemen in 1571 and was brewed in coffee pots of the Ottoman Empire, forming the coffeehouse culture. The United Kingdom went through a similar process and for the first time in British history people from different classes came together to exchange ideas in coffee shops. Coffee, which brings the lower classes and the upper classes together, plays a role in the development of the idea of democracy. Coffee may be a traditional delicacy, but its spirit is always modern.

Secret to prepare the perfect Turkish coffee

The best Turkish coffee is foamy. But how is this done? The secret lies in science. The coffee-to-water ratio must be perfect and you need to cook the coffee slowly to get the best taste. For one cup of water, a dessertspoon of coffee is ideal, but if you like your coffee strong  you can add more, but be very careful because Turkish coffee is very strong. If you serve it with water and a piece of Turkish delight next to it, your guests will love it.

Why is it remembered for 40 years?

Turks say that a cup of coffee is remembered for 40 years. According to legend, a coffee seller from Uskudar served a cup of coffee to a Greek captain during the Ottoman times. Forty years passed by, and the coffee seller was captured in a war but then saved by the Greek captain who remembered the coffee he was served 40 years earlier. How priceless is that!

Drinking Turkish coffee is a very special experience. It has its own pot, cups, and even fortune telling! The ATÜ Old Bazaar has everything you might need to take a short break and enjoy a Turkish coffee. So, see you on your next Istanbul trip!


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