Clothes and Decoration

It is very easy to add beauty to your life with designer clothes and decorative pieces. Starting the day using a souvenir from a favourite trip is a nice thing to do. How wonderful it is to prepare Turkish coffee with the Galata skyline cup set that reminds you of your Istanbul trip!

Isn't it so good to discover new places and explore fascinating and extraordinary things?

Istanbul is known for its icons and buildings from Ottoman times. Our Old Bazaar store has a rich array of decorative pieces and clothing that will remind you of your visit to Istanbul. After all, Istanbul is a city of empires! While experiencing the megacity of nearly 20 million inhabitants, don’t forget to discover treasures from history!

Plate sets adorned with Turkish motifs, 100% leather coats, magnets with popular icons on and Ottoman candle holders are just some of what awaits you at ATÜ Old Bazaar. So come and explore the products that reflect Turkish culture.