Turkish Carpets

Turkish carpets are treasured worldwide. Originally, they were used by nomadic Turks to keep their tents warm, to pray on or to decorate the walls of their tents.

Pazyryk carpets, which have attracted attention all over the world with their rich motifs and unique craftsmanship, were first seen in 1953.

The fact that carpets were registered as a Turkish art is based on the oldest known carpet in history. Discovered by archaeologist Rudenko in the Altay Mountains in the Pazyryk district, it is the oldest-known carpet in the world. Made with a very special craftsmanship, Turkish carpets gain their value because they are hand-woven, although we encounter factory productions today.

With their unique motifs and colours, Turkish rugs are among the most valuable treasures of an Istanbul adventure. If you want to add an Orientalist touch to your home decor, high-quality Turkish carpets await you at ATÜ Old Bazaar.