Nuts are one of the most important features of Turkish cuisine. With dozens of varieties, different aromas and flavours, nuts reflect the richness of Turkish culture. They are also healthy and nutritious snacks.

Nuts evoke happiness and sharing in Turkish culture.

An indispensable part of long and joyous meals, nuts are commonplace in Turkey. While wandering in parks or along the seashore, it’s impossible not to see someone eating sunflower seeds. Pistachios are for more special moments, and often used in baklava. If you have hazelnuts and almonds, here come the fancy cookies. Salted peanuts are mostly preferred by the middle class. Nuts are really important in Turkish culture!

In Turkish culture, sharing is important. Whether almonds, pistachios or sunflower seeds, taking some with you back home is definitely a gesture that will delight your loved ones. You can find nut varieties that have been around for centuries on ATÜ Old Bazaar shelves with fresh products from the finest producers.