Meat and dairy products are the main players of most world cuisines and appreciated by all cultures. Delicatessen items are a gourmet business in Turkish culture. Together with meat delicacies such as pastrami, soudjouk and roasted meat, you can find unique cheese varieties in every region of the country.

For example, pastrami made in Kayseri, soudjouk made in Afyon and world-famous Kars gruyere cheese… Turkey is a delicatessen heaven!

Meat products, which are produced by skillfully processing meat obtained from animals grazing at high altitudes, add colour and great taste to breakfasts in Turkish culture. There is also a variety of local cheeses produced in different climatic and geographical conditions in the country.

While Turkish cheeses produced in each city with their own unique methods and recipes add taste to tables all over the world today, you can find dozens of meat and cheese varieties such as Erzincan tulum, ezine cheese, smoked ribs, bacon and sausage in ATÜ Old Bazaar, so you can take home some unique Turkish flavours.