Turkish Delight

Lokum, or Turkish delight, is one of the most iconic sweets of Turkish culture. This delicacy dates back centuries to its origins as a palace treat from Haci Bekir Efendi in 1777. Nowadays, Turkish delight has many varieties and colours, some with hazelnuts, some with peanuts.

When lokum was introduced to the Ottoman palace kitchen, Haci Bekir Efendi was awarded the title of "Şekercibaşı".

An Englishman who encountered Turkish delight during Ottoman times loved its taste so much that he used the word “delight”. We don’t know if he was unable to pronounce the Turkish word lokum, but since then, our traditional flavour is known in the world as “Turkish delight”. Returning with awards from many important fairs, lokum is the star of the confectionery world with its soft texture, sweet flavour and rich variety.

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