Dried Fruits

Dried fruits, a hidden treasure of Ottoman cuisine, are a blessing for those wanting to eat healthily. As the name suggests, they are obtained by drying fruits using various techniques. In local regions, dried fruits are mixed with nuts and turned into a delicacy. For example, figs mixed with walnuts are an alternative for those who love these two distinct flavours.

Dried fruits contain high levels of vitamin C. What a delicious way to boost immunity!

Dried apricots and figs are the most famous dried fruits in Turkish cuisine. They aid digestion and are definitely healthy alternatives to sugary treats! Moreover, they are produced naturally and organically. In addition to these, some fruits are made even sweeter using a waxing method when dried. Foods such as candied dried orange slices, strawberry chips and quince slices are some examples. Making dried fruits into dough and sweetening with sugar is called dried fruit roll-up.

Many dried fruits such as apricots, apples, grapes and blueberries are a healthy and delicious option throughout the year. You can find many types of dried fruits on the shelves of ATÜ Old Bazaar so you can buy a healthy and delicious gift for your loved ones.