Candies: what a lovely gift! One of the sweetest ways to show our loved ones that we are thinking of them, confectionary comes in a different form in every region of Turkey. Traditionally, those who go to Bursa are asked to buy chestnut candy and “Pismaniye” is a must-buy if you go to Izmit. The traditions of old times are now available from anywhere.

In Turkish culture, confectionery has its place in all aspects of life: in marriage ceremonies, holidays, or even romantic crises! 

Going on Turkish holiday visits with a box of chocolates is another lovely thing about Turkish culture. Chocolate is also seen in traditional flavours such as chocolate halvah.  

You can find dozens of confectionery and chocolates such as rock candy, which has adorned candy storefronts with its colourful appearance and different varieties for centuries, delicious chestnut candy from Bursa, and sugared almonds at ATÜ Old Bazaar. Surprise your loved ones with a sweet souvenir of your trip.