Oils and Sauces

Without oils and sauces, food would definitely be bland. Vegetables and salads would be tasteless and meat would dry out. We are lucky oils and spices exist and cheer up our kitchens. Especially in Turkish cuisine, you can find these flavours in almost every recipe.

Olive oils made from fabulous Turkish olives are a healthy and delicious option.

Olive oil is often used in light meals and appetisers and is always mentioned in recipes. For example, you should definitely try beans in olive oil! Just like every country in the Mediterranean, Turkey is a land of olives and famous for completely natural, homemade olive oils. Turkey also receives credit for “ekşi”, a sour sauce with a unique taste together with a sugary taste that takes salads to another level.

You can find different types of Turkish olive oil and pomegranate syrup, which have become world-famous brands at ATÜ Old Bazaar. You can take your meals to the next level with this secret from Istanbul.