Spreadable foods

Honey and jam have an important place in Turkish cuisine. They are not only staples of Turkish breakfast, but are actually used in many places. Beekeeping and jam-making are common in areas where natural and organic production takes place. If you are looking for unprocessed flavour direct from nature, you can find it in every corner of Turkey.

Turkey even has a honey more valuable than a jewel: Anzer honey.

Honey and jam are a healthy alternative for those with a sweet tooth. People in modern times have finally discovered the importance of natural food products and Turkish producers are experts in this matter. Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia honeys are famous, but do not think that other regions are lagging behind. Jam is made in every home and during the fruit-picking season, fruits suitable for jam-making are selected and separated.

You can find authentic flavours such as honey from the great mountains of the Black Sea or the untouched nature of Eastern Anatolia, and orange jam and milk jam on the shelves of ATÜ Old Bazaar. If you want to add a sweet addition to your travels, we are here!